Corporation Counsel - FAQs

What does the Corporation Counsel's Office do?
The Corporation Counsel's Office provides professional legal services to the Village as a legal entity. These services include review and drafting of contracts involving the Village, representing the Village in all litigation to which the Village is a party and providing day-to-day legal advice to the Mayor, Board of Trustees, Village Manager and Village staff.

I need an attorney. Can the Village help me?
The attorneys who work in the Corporation Counsel's Office are not permitted to give legal advice to the public. There are a number of legal referral agencies to contact for information, including the Chicago Bar Association at 312/554-2001 or the Cook County Bar Association at 312/630-1157.

Elderly and low-income individuals may also contact Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago at 847/475-3703.

Senior citizens living in Niles Township may contact the Township office at 847/673-9300 to schedule an appointment for legal counsel.

Can you please tell me when my court date is?
No. The Clerk of the Circuit Court prepares all court dockets. The phone number for the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Skokie is 847/470-7250. Please refer to your ticket number when speaking with the Clerk's office.
I received a ticket and did not appear in court. What happens now?
The Clerk of the Circuit Court maintains all court records. The phone number for the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Skokie is 847/470-7250. Please refer to your ticket number when speaking with the Clerk's office.
I can't make my court date. Can I get a continuance?
The Corporation Counsel's Office is not permitted to agree to continuances outside of the courtroom. You may want to ask a family member, friend or your attorney to appear on your assigned court date and time and request a continuance on your behalf.
I received a ticket for a minor traffic violation. Can you tell me what will happen?
If you plead guilty, the judge will consider input from you and the police officer along with any other evidence that may be presented, such as your driving record, in reaching a decision and ordering appropriate sanctions. Some typical court orders for routine traffic violations are payment of a fine, supervision or traffic safety school.

If you plead not guilty, a trial will be held, usually the same day, and the judge will listen to testimony, review relevant evidence and make a determination of guilty or innocent.

My landlord is not responding to my requests. Can you help me?
The Village does not have a local ordinance on landlord-tenant relations. The attorneys working for the Village's Corporation Counsel's Office cannot advise you on personal matters.

For additional information, you may wish to research these State statutes:

765 ILCS 705/ Landlord and Tenant Act.
765 ILCS 710/ Security Deposit Return Act.
765 ILCS 715/ Security Deposit Interest Act.
765 ILCS 720/ Retaliatory Eviction Act.
765 ILCS 725/ Property Taxes of Alien Landlords Act.
765 ILCS 730/ Rent Concession Act.
765 ILCS 735/ Rental Property Utility Service Act.
765 ILCS 740/ Tenant Utility Payment Disclosure Act.
765 ILCS 745/ Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Rights Act.

I am having problems with my neighbors. Can the Village help me sue them?
No. The Village does not give legal advice on personal matters. The Village's Office of Human Services has a Neighbor Dispute Program that provides non-legal, mediation assistance to help resolve some neighbor-to-neighbor problems.  For further information click here or contact the Village of Skokie Office of Human Services at 847/933-8208.

Where should a Notice of Foreclosure be sent?
Notice of foreclosure under the Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law 735 ILCS 5/15-1503(b)  should be sent to:
Village of Skokie
Clerk's Office
5127 Oakton Street
Skokie, Illinois 60077